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GISELLE FLECK since childhood looked at the starry sky and wondered where the house of God would be, what the stars would be like, and if there were other children like her in other worlds and stars. As a teenager, she discovered a shelf in the Library where her mother worked with occult books and then she felt attracted to that parallel world...

With each book read, new questions arose, and the need to seek answers to the triggers of ideas that arose in the clash between the new and the old (dogmatic religious knowledge).

In the beginning I wanted to replace old knowledge with new ones, but the more I read, attended some lectures and experienced spiritualist practices, the more I realized that the correct thing would not be to annul, replace and segregate....but to unite, add and join!!Of or another concept that was not felt to be true but tried to win my head and my heart through demands like:-You have to believe....,-It is written...,- If not, you go to hell...they were soon replaced by a more loving understanding of God and divinity. The God who punishes has become the God who overflows with love, unites all differences in the unity of his heart, and divides himself around... in all of his creation; because everything is in Him!

Well...from this loving and creative aspect of more concept has been transformed...God is Goddess, Father is Mother...the principle of creation is feminine in all of nature! So the Indians are not wrong to speak of the Divine Mother...and not even her innumerable manifestations!

And so Giselle began to admire how the various peoples of the world portray the divine and the deities, beings  of light, and also wanted to contribute to what she calls Spiritualist Art, with a different look from the Artist in terms of I respect the way of portraying the characters of light and light in creation and every human being or not. Far from being confused with a sacred or religious work, it will be understood by people with a refined critical sense. The strong colors, the studded eyes,  and the strict dual compassion (typical of some deities like the Bodhisattva Tara) can surprisingly be found in some works and attributed to other characters to whom only the idea of parsimonious love is attributed.

But our world has a dual nature and that is why the artist could not help feeling tempted (of temptation) to also portray the Profane. will be portrayed. Artists were persecuted in the past for challenging the prevailing morals but although human beings have evolved in some ways there is still radicalism and intolerance practiced by some representatives of almost all religions or political creeds.



*EXHIBITIONS:-DIALOGUES WITH DOM QUIXOTE(Coletiva)/Instituto Cervantes(Embassy of Spain)2023.                                                                                                                                                                    -DIÁLOGOS COM GOYA(Collective)/ CERVANTES INSTITUTE (EMBASS OF SPAIN)2019, av.Paulista.

                         -ECOLOGICAL AWARENESS AND CONTEMPORARY ART(Collective)/Promoted by WR São Paulo Feiras e Eventos for MEGA ARTESANAL, 2018.

                         -INTERACTIVITY(Collective)/Cosipa Cultural Space 2007.

                        -PAULISTAN LANDSCAPE(Collective)/Brazilian Society of Japanese Culture BUNKYO,2004.

                       -PHOTO SÃO PAULO(Collective)/State Secretariat of Culture – SALÃO NOBRE DA SALA SÃO PAULO,2001.


*GALLERIES: Inn Gallery




*NFT`s Marketplaces: Opensea and Rarible.Profile: Gisfleck.

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