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The frontier between thinking and doing art raises doubts about the most appropriate means to express  Art and this led me to transit through various Art media. Photography, installation, collage, painting... I expressed myself in several languages but always with an idea in mind to be realized! So don't be scared if you go to one of my exhibitions and see works made with pencils, photographs, paintings or unusual materials! Contemporary Art and the ideas of her father Marcel Duchamp won't be surprised by what I'm talking about and will understand what moves the artist's head and heart.

 Curiosity from birthlescence led me to places where I scrutinized various forms of faith and religiosity. The Spiritist, Theosophist, Umbandist, Catholic, Jewish literature prepared me for spiritualism.,Buddhism... ended up contributing to the formation of what I call: Spirituality. But there is a side of me that exists as a counterpoint and makes me go to the opposite of Spirituality and want to act with artists who challenged the Sacred imposed for a time and which is still in force as a taboo for many religious or not. And my profane, human side comes into play... which will penetrate the nudity and the notion of sin and right and wrong that has permeated people's hearts for centuries. already common to Art but approached in a different way. Wait and see! Power, money and so many profane themes that are so seductive to us humans... my Art addresses these themes along with the sacred and its representations.

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